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Beat the Heat: How to Keep Your Bathroom Cool in Summer

Last summer in Thailand felt like the hottest year ever. The relentless heat follows us everywhere, even into the bathroom. Several factors contribute to this problem: the bathroom’s orientation, receiving full afternoon sunlight, poor ventilation, or the use of heat-absorbing materials like cement. Today, Crystal Home shares effective methods to reduce bathroom heat during the summer. Let's explore these solutions together!

4 Ways to Cool Down Your Bathroom This Summer

  1. Install a Ventilation Fan

Bathrooms often lack proper airflow, especially if they are in a corner that receives direct afternoon sunlight. Installing a ventilation fan can help by circulating air, reducing heat, and expelling moisture. This is particularly useful since bathrooms tend to be humid and steamy, making them feel even hotter during midday and afternoon.

2. Use a Small Fan for Additional Ventilation

If your bathroom is made of heat-absorbing materials like cement, especially in loft-style design bathrooms, a small fan can be a budget-friendly solution. Place the fan to direct airflow towards the bathroom door, or consider installing a ceiling fan for even better ventilation. This method is particularly effective for bathrooms with a loft-style design where cement retains heat.

3. Add Plants to Absorb Heat

Incorporating plants in your bathroom is an easy and effective way to reduce heat. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making the atmosphere fresher. Additionally, the green color of plants can have a calming effect. Recommended plants include Zanzibar Gem, Golden Pothos, Aspidistra Elatior, Snake Plant, and Dumb Cane. Not only do they help with heat, but they also enhance the luxury bathroom aesthetic. These plants thrive in bathroom conditions with low light and high humidity.

4. Choose Suitable Bathroom Fixtures

Selecting appropriately sized and positioned toilet and bathroom accessories can significantly impact ventilation. Opt for fixtures that fit well and don't overcrowd the space. This allows for better airflow and a more comfortable experience. Additionally, using cool color tones can create a fresher and more relaxing environment. Ensuring that the toilet and other fixtures are well-placed can help improve the overall comfort of the bathroom.

These four methods can help you keep your bathroom cool during the scorching Thai summer, a season that seems to last almost all year.

If you need professional advice on bathroom design or are looking for quality bathroom accessories to create a luxury bathroom, contact Crystal Home. We are here to assist with product sourcing, purchasing, and consulting. Visit us at CRYSTAL HOME to see our products firsthand. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect solutions for your bathroom needs.


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