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Ideas for Your Bathtub

Selecting the right bathtub is essential as it dictates the comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a bathroom, potentially influencing the overall ambiance of a home. There are many factors to consider such as the dimensions of your bathroom, personal comfort needs, tub size and shape. Which type of bathtub is right for you?

Photo Credits: Villeroy & Boch

1. Drop-in Bath

Drop-in bathtubs provide a streamlined look, integrating seamlessly into bathroom design and often come with ledges that offer handy space for toiletries and bath essentials. These tubs typically require a more complex installation process and, due to their fixed position, offer less flexibility in bathroom layout redesigns or renovations.

Photo Credits: Hansgrohe

2. Free-standing bathtubs

Free-standing bathtubs serve as an opulent focal point in a bathroom, offering design flexibility as they can be positioned anywhere, even away from walls, to optimize aesthetics and space. They are often more expensive than other types due to their intricate designs, standalone structural requirements, and the high-quality materials frequently used in their construction.

Photo Credits: Hansgrohe

3. Corner Bath

Corner bathtubs maximize space utilization in bathrooms with limited square footage, and their unique shape often provides a deeper soak and comfortable lounging angle. Their distinct shape, however, can sometimes limit the choice of shower screens or curtains.


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