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Rain Shower Buying Guide

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

After a long and tiring day, taking a refreshing shower from a good rain showerhead with gentle water streams is a great way to relax. That's why many people choose Rain Shower as their preferred option. But before purchasing one, there are some points to consider, and Crystal Home has the answers for you.

1. Function (to meet your needs)

If you want to experience the feeling of standing in the midst of rainfall and having soft water streams, Rain Shower is the perfect choice. However, you need to consider factors like height adjustment and water flow direction, as Rain Shower provides a straight stream with limited left-right tilting. So, it may not be suitable if you don't want your hair to get wet every day.

2. Jet Type (water pressure)

As Rain Shower depends on water falling from a height, it is essential to check the water pressure in your bathroom, especially if you want to use it on the second floor, to ensure optimal performance.

3. Quick Clean

Cleaning a Rain Shower is similar to other handheld showerheads, making it easy and quick.

4. Environment (water conservation)

The Rain Shower in the picture is from the brand hansgrohe, equipped with the EcoSmart system, using only 9 liters per minute, saving water while providing a luxurious experience.

5. Price

The price depends on the material and functionality, considering all the above points, but there are various Rain Shower options available in the market to fulfill your bathing satisfaction.


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